Please contact our Occupational Health and Safety hotline with any questions you may have about the following

  • Concealment or misrepresentation of the facts and circumstances of the accident;
  • Violations of safety regulations;
  • Violation of cardinal safety rules;
  • Special equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Alcohol consumption in the workplace or being on the premises in a drunken state;
  • Unsafe working conditions.

 Key figures of 2023


of Employees are covered by the HSE management system

2.91 LTIFR

/ 2.91 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

The coal mining and processing industry is typically associated with a high level of production risks. As a result, ensuring the safety of employees and contractors is a priority for the enterprises of the LLC New Mining Management Company. The approach to health and safety management is to enhance safety culture among employees and contractors, comply with all applicable laws, and monitor and manage risks.

Occupational health, safety and environmental management at the LLC NMMC companies is an integral part of operations at all stages, from strategic decision-making to day-to-day operations. This involves continuous modernisation of production processes and implementation of management and control systems, including a unified reporting structure, relevant principles and policies.

To ensure the implementation of HSE principles, the LLC New Mining Management Company carries out the following activities, which form the basis of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System:

  1. Carrying out initiatives for continuous improvement of HSE indicators
  2. Application of best HSE practices
  3. Developing HSE standards for contractors, taking into account the opinion of stakeholders, and monitoring compliance with them
  4. Developing, measuring and analysing HSE indicators and assessing their compliance with external and internal requirements
  5. Providing transparent information to stakeholders
  6. Providing information on HSE incentives, targets and performance results
  7. Creating a free and transparent flow of information at all corporate levels, as well as when interacting with contractors
  8. Application of industry best practices to mitigate operational risks and promote efficient use of resources
  9. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Principles relatively to labor protection and industrial safety:

  1. All accidents and incidents are preventable
  2. Do not start work if it is impossible to ensure its safety
  3. Employees at all levels of the LLC Nem Mining Management Company have direct responsibility for ensuring that the required level of HSE is maintained for both enterprise personnel and contractors.
  4. Managers at all levels must set an example of compliance with HSE standards and regulations.
  5. Each employee is directly responsible for compliance with HSE standards and regulations

Cooperation with the contractor

Collaboration with contractors is essential to ensure workplace safety and improve contractor management. Working with contractors is governed by the provisions for contractor HSE management, which consists of four stages.


Health and safety qualification requirements for contractors


Analysis of the contractor's compliance with health and safety requirements


Signing an agreement with the contractor, including provisions on the contractor's responsibility to fulfil HSE requirements


Assessment of the contractor's compliance with mandatory health and safety requirements

Количество несчастный случаев с потерей рабочего времени, LTIFR (на 1 млн рабочих часов)


Documents and policies

Кардинальные требования безопасности предприятий, осуществляющих добычу угля подземным способом
(0.36 Мб)
Кардинальные требования безопасности предприятий, разрабатывающих угольные месторождения открытым способом и обогатительных фабрик
(0.34 Мб)
Политика в области охраны труда, промышленной безопасности и охраны окружающей среды
(0.57 Мб)
Положение по управлению подрядными организациями
(0.11 Мб)
Приказ № 68_Об утверждении Положения по управлению подрядными организациями в области охраны труда, промышленной безопасности и экологии
(0.67 Мб)
Приложение к Приказу № 68_Положение по управлению подрядными организациями в области ОТ, ПБ и Э
(18.73 Мб)
Приказ № 54_О введении Политики в области охраны труда, промышленной безопасности и экологии и Кардинальных Требований Безопасности
(2.34 Мб)
Приказ № 74_О введении Положения о работе Горячей линии ОТ и ПБ
(4.94 Мб)
Приложение 2_Плакат№1 нарядные раскомандировки
(0.13 Мб)
Приложение 3_Плакат№2 TV, стенды ОТиПБ_НГУК_v2
(1.56 Мб)
Приложения к Приказу № 54_ОТ, ПБ
(5.75 Мб)