We are together

Our company has been implementing «We are together» project since 2019 in order to increase the staff engagement level.

Engagement is an emotional and intellectual state, motivating employees to do their work the best way.

We have developed specific measures in order to increase the company's staff engagement level and improve the current situation at each company-owned facility and in the company as a whole.

We have revealed that the engagement rate was 53%, according to our research results in 2019.

The current project goal is to improve working conditions and employee performance through the measures implementation and increase the engagement level up to 59%.

Activities, which have been successfully implemented in 2020 within «We are together» project:

Employee awareness level increase implies visualization of the production indicators, the best employees’ achievements and information about significant dates and events as well.

Logistics Service Performance Control

«Professional excellence» competition

LLC "New Mining Management Company" facilities traditionally hold months of highly productive work and competitions for getting «Best in Profession» title on the eve of Miner's Day. The best mines, processing plants and open-pit mines specialists take part in these professional skill competitions.

BelAZ drivers demonstrate filigree driving techniques.

Besides there take place spectacular competitions among excavator drivers and drilling rig operators.

It is worth noting that there take place women as well in addition to men. For example, own skills level is demonstrated by the quality control service masters, samplers and chemical analysis laboratory assistants at the enrichment factories.

There is a serious battle for victory unfolds between underground electricians in open pit mines. Underground miners competed at Bolshevik coal mine for the first time in 2020 and they showed great results!